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Our Doggy Moggy Veggie with a twist!  This blend includes the same ingredients as our Doggy Moggy Veggie with the addition of fish meal, tripe, and turkey.  A natural and protein rich food for optimum digestion.  

Tripe is the stomach of a grazing animal.  It provides a wide array of benefits to your dog, but comes with a unique smell!  The combined smell of the tripe and fish may surprise you when first trying out this blend!

Ingredients: 60% beef/bison/turkey meat & trimmings; 5% beef/bison organs, 5% ground bone, 5% fish meal, 5% tripe; 20% cooked potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, eggs, alfalfa, hemp seed, flax meal, kelp

Organs: liver, heart, spleen, kidney, tongue, lung, pancreas, and sweetbread

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