Extra lean, all natural, protein rich frozen food with green tripe. Made from Alberta raised livestock, over 80% beef and 15% tripe.  No fillers or additives.  The Doggy Moggy product line is manufactured in Alberta by our trusted source, Dog's Choice. 

Ingredients: 75% beef/bison/horse meat, trimmings, & blood; 15% green tripe, 10% beef/bison/horse organ & bone paste, hemp seed

Total Metabolizable Calories: 1590.68kcal/lb
Crude Protein: 73.57g/lb, 46.23g/1000kcal
Crude Fibre: 6.80g/lb, 4.28g/1000kcal
Calcium: 10.89g/lb, 6.85g/1000kcal
Phos: 4.85g/lb, 3.05g/1000kcal
Magnesium: 226.8mg/lb, 142.6mg/1000kcal
Potassium: 680.39mg/lb, 427.81mg/1000kcal
Sodium Chloride: 1.45g/lb, 0.91g/1000kcal
Sulphur: 589.67mg/lb, 370.78mg/1000kcal
Copper: 2.34mg/lb, 1.47mg/1000kcal
Iron: 66.04mg/lb, 41.52mg/1000kcal
Manganese: 6.21mg/lb, 3.90mg/1000kcal
Zinc: 17.39mg/lb, 10.93mg/1000kcal
Cobalt: 0.023mg/lb, 0.029mg/1000kcal