Does your club or ogranization lack the indoor space required to have classes, host seminars and events?

Are you a professional trainer looking for a spot for client session, consults or your own personal training?

Our facility offers a 5,000sqft indoor warehouse space available to rent for all your needs.

With basic rates of $75/hour, its affordable for individuals and organizations alike. 

We also offer weekend packages, as well as bulk package discounts

Our space books quickly and far in advance.


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Whether you enjoy the bonding time of training, have competition goals in mind, or need extra training with controlled distractions, our memberships might just be for you!

A monthly membership gives you come and go access within business hours to our training space.  You can come and work your dogs inside, have access to the equipment, and be able to proof your dog's obedience alongside the distractions happening with our day training.  


*Membership access excludes pre booked facility rental times. Note this does not guarantee private access and on leash rules may apply*  

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