Your dog deserves to live its happiest, healthiest and BEST life.   It’s up to us, as your #1 Pet Supply Store, to provide you with everything you need to give them not just the nutrition, but the mental nurturing as well.

Lets face it, our lives are hectic, and even with the best intentions, we aren't all able to provide the consistency and structure our pups need.  

We are here to help!

Book your dog in for one of our day training packages, drop your dog off and let us do the training for you.  

Our affordable day training options are the perfect option for those who aren't able to commit to obedience classes or afford one on one training sessions. 


Dog Friends


Is your dog not welcome at doggy daycares because he doesn't play well with others? 
Is he too "in your face" when meeting another dog?

Do your friends and family fear coming over because they prefer standing on their own two feet rather than being knocked on the ground? 

Our basic socialization package is just for you!

During their time with us they will learn how to interact properly with other dogs and people.  We will work on meeting and greeting and playing with manners.  

This is by far our most popular package




This is the package for those anxiety driven, scaredy-cat canines!

This day includes exposures to different surfaces, noises and movements.  Turning your scaredy-cat into a confident, environmentally sound pooch one session at a time.

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Dog Training


The long, winding road to having a well trained and obedient dog starts with the smallest of steps.

Whether its formal obedience or tunnels and wobbling, here we start the basic foundations 

Clicker training


Focus under distraction

Sit/Sit stay

Down/Down stay


Wobble boards


and more


Dog giving a high five


Who doesn't like showing off all their fun and fancy skills?  

Not only are tricks are the ultimate fun thing for both you and your dog, its great mental exercise too!

From shake-a-paw to dancing, your dog is bound to have fun learning in this class.   


Image by Annie Spratt

Starting at $90

Is your dog reactive on leash?  Are you worried about taking them out in public because of lack of control?  

Most of the time these issues can be easily corrected with the right guidance and consistency. 

This basic package includes an initial assessment with our trainers in a safe and controlled environment.  Our trainers will assess the needs of the dog and determine if they are suitable for day training or if other options are required.

*prices may vary depending on severity of issues*