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Thrive K9 Training Systems




Do you have a couple of issues that are keeping you from getting the most out of your relationship with your dog? Took much barking, digging, craziness on walks? Let our head trainer, Stacey come into your home and give you a thorough assessment of your dog and the situation and work through it with you. She will explain the theory behind WHAT is going on, WHY we solve problems the way we do and HOW to move forward with your new skills. $120/session. 


Group classes are our favorite! We find that you learn SO MUCH from watching other people and commiserating with common problems. We are HUGE advocates for finding your village and supporting one another through your individual journeys. We offer Nosework, Obedience, Recall, Tracking, Conformation, Barnhunt and various other fun things! The most up to date class offerings are posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages so head on over to sign up!  

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
Dog Walking on a Sunny Day


We LOVE getting together and hosting pack walks and socials. Pack walks are designed to help you create engagement with your dog and lay the foundations for a nice easy loose leash on walks. They are great for exposure to other dogs, places, people and things. Socials are an awesome opportunity for like minded dog owners to get together and offer play or socialization to their dogs in a fun, safe and healthy way! Both of these activities can be hosted outdoors and we hope to plan a few for this summer. 

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