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A lean, all natural and protein rich frozen raw dog food made with Alberta raised chicken.  No fillers or additives. The Doggy Moggy product line is manufactured in Alberta by our trusted source, Dog's Choice.

Ingredients: 75%  whole ground chicken meat, trimmings, blood;  10% organs, 10% bone paste, 5% eggs

Total Metabolizable Calories: 980.41kcal/lb
Crude Protein: 79.6g/lb, 81.2g/1000kcal
Crude Fibre: 1.68g/lb, 1.71g/1000kcal
Calcium: 6.35g/lb, 6.48g/1000kcal
Phos: 3.13g/lb, 3.19g/1000kcal
Magnesium: 136.1mg/lb, 138.84g/1000kcal
Potassium: 861.83mg/lb, 879.19mg/1000kcal
Sodium Chloride: 907.2mg/lb, 925.88mg/kcal
Sulphur: 771.1mg/lb, 786.64mg/1000kcal
Copper: 0.44mg/lb, 0.45mg/1000kcal
Iron: 8.68mg/lb, 8.85mg/1000kcal
Manganese: 0.49mg/lb, 0.50mg/1000kcal
Zinc: 11.1mg/lb, 11.32mg/1000kcal
Cobalt: 0.032mg/lb, 0.033 mg/1000kcal

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