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Survive Pet Supply was founded in 2020 by Kristi + Stacey after realizing the overwhelming need for an affordable raw food option in Saskatchewan while still keeping quality the highest priority. They saw the raw food movement gaining traction and many people were making a choice to put their dogs' health first. With a kennel full of German Shepherd Dogs to feed, Stacey would make the 8 hour drive to Penhold, Alberta just to bring back a small truck load of the premium product that Swiss Butcher, Rudy Koller, at Dogs Choice was producing. She was impressed by his commitment to creating a product line that was COMPLETELY FREE of fillers, antibiotics, MSG and hormones- not to mention his support of local Alberta farmers when sourcing the proteins for his blends. The Dogs Choice commitment to sustainability by using the entire animal is incredibly admirable and their family owned and run operation is nothing short of heart warming. Through all of our years in business, Dogs Choice has time and time again given us the highest quality and consistency products on the market.  


Fast forward to today- Survive Pet Supply now supplies the Saskatoon area with quality raw food, treats and chews, supplements, breeding/whelping supplies, healthcare, gear, collars, leashes, training equipment and more! We are truly a one-stop-shop for today's conscientious pet owner, only sourcing the best of the best. We have expanded into the Regina, Moose Jaw and Swift Current areas with our raw food line up, with independent distributors covering those areas. Our mission is to be that friendly face you can trust with your pets needs and support whatever your own individual needs are with your own individual situation- when you choose Survive, you choose people that care deeply and are there to treat your pets as their own.  


We have also expanded our services- the Thrive K9 Training Systems division of Survive came to fruition in 2024 and offers private dog training, group classes, pack walks, seminars, board and trains and workshops. We cover topics from obedience and behaviour modification to sport dog training, scenting, tracking and more! Our instructors are available to book for travel and seminars, as well as spend many weekends on the road off trialling and competing with their own dogs. They are constantly prioritizing continuing education, seminars and workshops and believe that there isn't one person in this world that doesnt have at least one thing to learn. At TKTS, there isn't a one size fits all approach and each individual dog is treated as such. Our trainers work with you and your dog and create solutions that work with your life. They are on a mission to do everything possible to keep your dog out of the dog house and thriving in your life. 

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