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Owner and Head Trainer

Stacey brings 20 years of experience in the dog training industry to the table. 

Stacey actively trains and competes in Schutzhund, CKC Obedience, Rally, Sprinters, Dock Diving and Scent Detection.  She has achieved numerous high-level titles, with multiple different dogs, and competed at regional and national levels in multiple different sports.

She also teaches obedience classes, from puppies to behaviour modification and advanced level trial preparation.  She has seen countless successes from the students she has had over the years.  

Stacey specializes in behaviour issues, environmental stability, coping mechanisms, and relationship building.

There are very few people in Saskatoon that hold more expertise regarding canine behaviour than Stacey.


Owner and Trainer

Kristi is the remaining founding member of Survive Pet Supply.

Canine care has had a constant presence in Kristi’s entire upbringing, as well as her professional life since 2016. Having always grown up in a multiple dog household, the transition to kennel attendant was extremely smooth. She brings 8 years of part time daycare experience over three different kennels as well as experience in caring for all types of animals during her time at the North East SPCA where she served on the Board of Directors. As the former NESPCA Volunteer Coordinator, she has a wealth of experience managing people and dogs.

Kristi has competed and titled multiple dogs in multiple sport venues including herding, scenting, conformation and more! 

She prioritizes continuing education and is currently exploring how drive and pressure apply differently to sporting, working and behaviour mod situations.

Kristi has a special interest in behaviour cases, gained in her time spent shadowing intensive B.Mod programs during her summers in Alberta. She specializes in e collar work and believes there are many tools to help a dog live it’s best life!

Dogs are no doubt her passion and wanting to provide her companions with the highest quality of life is one of the most substantial driving forces behind Survive Pet Supply.




Audessa brings 4 years experience in the pet care industry to our team! She has been training professionally for almost 2 years but has worked on training her personal dogs (Treble - Great Dane, Fusion - Olde English Bulldog) for 4 years.

She has put in a lot of work with her previously aggressive dog, Fusion, and she is now labeled as selectively reactive after working hard. Together, Audessa and Fusion have passed the CGN test, and have multiple trick titles!

Audessa loves working on our "Reactive Bootcamp Days", as reactivity is eventually what she wants to focus on.

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